To Form A More Perfect Union – Virtual Exhibit

The “To Form a More Perfect Union” stamps were issued on 8/30/2005. One of the 10 stamps commemorates the 1963 March on Washington. The #NAACP is hosting a Virtual March on Washington 8/27 & 8/28 #2020. Here is a video to join in with other organizations supporting this effort. National Museum of African Americans on Stamps #NMAAS ~ Share #MarchonWashington1963 #MarchonWashington2020 #USPS #ESPER #APS #StampsTeach (Scott# 3937) 50th Anniversary MarchonWashington issued 8/23/13 (Scott #4804)

The Black Experience – Virtual Exhibit – Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The Black Experience: African Americans on Postage Stamps

Since the founding of the United States, African Americans have played a pivotal role in the shaping of American history and heritage. Their contributions to America have included the fields highlighted by the 1940 Famous Americans and many more. This virtual exhibition showcases the black experience in the United States through the lens of American postage stamps.

Created by Angelo Wider, United States Postal Service, and Alexander T. Haimann, National Postal Museum.

Virtual Visual Arts

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center is now offering an innovative way to visit the museum. The Pittsburgh-based enclave is giving visitors virtual tours of its Black art exhibits. Visit

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