Stamp Collecting Tools

A. Stamp TongsI will use this to handle my stamps so that I don’t get them dirty or damage them.
B. Glassine EnvelopesIf I want to store lots of stamps without having to get a stock book, I can use these
see-through envelopes.
C. MountsI might use these to protect expensive stamps when I put them in an album.
D. Stamp AlbumThis is what I can put my stamps into once they are organized and I am ready to show them off.
E. Magnifying GlassWhen I want to look at my stamps closely, I can use this.
F. Perforation GaugeWhen my stamps have different sized perforations, I can use this to tell them apart.
G. Watermark TrayWhen I have stamps that look the same, but may have different watermarks as pictured in a
catalog, here is what I’ll use.
H. CataloguesI need this to tell how old my stamps are, what their designs show, and what their values
I. Stock BooksI can use this to store my duplicates, or stamps waiting to be put into my album.
J. HingesI can use these to put my stamps into my album.